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7 Best mouthwatering Ice-cream parlors in Karachi!

Are you a ice-cream lover who craves for it most of the times? If yes, I am sure finding the best ice-cream place would be the most difficult task for you. Well no worries, let me help you with finding amazing ice-cream parlors serving the best ice-cream in town!

Del Frio

Oh, this place is my go to place when it comes to Ice-cream. Del Frio’s wide array of ice creams and desserts vows to serve every individual with a sweet tooth. Using the finest ingredients from across the globe. Del Frio is molded such that scrumptiousness lurks in every spoonful of delectable deliciousness. Whether you prefer your ice cream on a freshly baked cone, in a cup, sundae, milkshake or coffee, you are guaranteed servings of mouth-watering goodness.


This new ice-cream parlor at seher commercial seems more like a chemistry lab with the nitrogen tanks on the counter. They use liquid gas to flask freeze their product and they mix all the ingredients in-front of their customer which makes it more interesting.

The Coldstone Creamery

This American creamery made its way to Karachi just a couple of years ago and I remember how it made everyone excited. This ice-cream place surely has a magic in its flavors and toppings. It now has two outlets in Karachi; Zamzama and The Place.


Baloch Ice-cream is known for its yummy flavors and unique desserts. They have all that you crave for. Located in Saddar, Gulshan e Iqbal Block6 and Boat Basin.

Gelato Affair

Gelato affair is known for its taste and hand-made wafers. They provide the quality ice-cream with amazingly different flavors that one can crave for.

Movenpick ice-cream

Movenpick provides most of its ice-cream in natural fruit flavors and they are the best in town. Raspberry and strawberry are the flavors that are worth trying even if you are nit an ice-cream lover. Its branches are located in most of the malls in Karachi.

The Hotspot

Hotspot needs no introduction; probably one of the very first ice cream and dessert parlors in the city, it has been around for a while and has the kind of cult following that very few eateries manage to get. Not only is their quirky décor the talk of the town but some of the desserts that are on offer are unique to them. The ice creams are creamy and smooth and you totally get your money’s worth!

So where are you planning to go?





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