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7 easy hacks to beat the heat

Temperatures in the country are on the rise, and Pakistanis are looking hither and thither for some relief from the sweltering heat – obviously!

While there is nothing that can be done to control the weather, we can look for smalls tricks to avoid the frustration – as well as short tempers.

So, we have compiled a few tips for you to cool down.

1. Schedule outings during non-peak-sunlight hours

The heat is at its peak between the times when the sun gains complete reign of the skies – around 10 AM – and when it starts skirting the boundaries – after 4 PM. It is, therefore, wiser to not go out during these five hours to make sure you stay safe from a heatstroke.

2. Smart car parking, caps, and shades

If you really do have to go out in the aforementioned hours, take note of three things you must follow. Park your car in an area where direct sunlight is least likely to hit your vehicle (for this, you have to educate yourself about the sun’s movements).

Keep a baseball cap handy, and wear it alongside your sunglasses whenever you step out. This means that even if you park your car far away from the destination – in an area where there’s shade – you can walk easily without the sun frying your brains.

3. Pedestal fans

Make use of those pedestal fans that your mom has stuffed away in the storeroom. You might need an extension cord but place it strategically so that the fan is nearer and gives you most of the cooling. It will be especially helpful if, like many other people, you sleep under a sheet or comforter.

4. Ice packs and cold sheets

While some may already know of it, a clever move is to place ice packs under your mattress at least 20-30 minutes before you hit the sack. This will provide ample time for the ice packs to cool down your bed and for you to clean up any water that has seeped down to the floor.

Also, keep your sheets in the refrigerator half an hour before you go to bed. It will be enough for you to enjoy the coolness until you drift to sleep and not cold enough to have your teeth chattering.

5. Wet towels

Use wet towels to wipe your face, neck, arms, and the underside of your feet right after you enter your house. It is also an ingenious method for those who are lazy to take regular showers.

6. Drink More Water!

Last but not the least, drink at least two liters of water every day. A small tip to make sure you keep your water intake regular – and not down all two liters at once – is to keep a jug or bottle on your bedside table, and a 500ml bottle with you when going out.

7. Cold Feet therapy

To reduce heat, try to maintain your internal temperature by this easy and quick cold feet therapy. All you need to do is put some cold water in the bucket along with some ice cubes and keep your feet inside the bucket for 20 minutes. The human body has pressure points under their feet which help to maintain certain body functions. This therapy definitely works during the heat wave.

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