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7 Ways ‘not shopping smartly’ can cause you a lot of torture

Imagine you have a great recipe in your mind but no ingredients, an amusing party planned but no snacks, a refreshing morning but no breakfast. We know what a nightmare it is. We know the struggle of going to a store for every other thing, every other day.

Shopping for all these essentials seem such a burden when you are not shopping in a smart way.

Here are 7 reasons why not shopping smartly can cause you a lot of torture:

1. It’s Tiring:

Just the thought of leaving home for grocery shopping makes us exhausted. Going to a store and running everywhere to find the products on your list. Just not what a person would prefer. And even after spending hours, what we come to have is sweat, legs pain and a lot of disappointment.


2. Facing Crowds is a worry:

Anyone would hate going to a store just to find a huge crowd people with their every family member jam packing the aisle. It’s not just suffocating, it’s scary!

3. A day seems short:

Most of us choose the most unoccupied Sunday of the month where we can do nothing else but go grocery shopping. After all it really forces out the energy and time from our lives. You go for a one hour shopping but it becomes a full day job.

4. Traffic Hassle:

Going out for grocery on any day of the week thinking it will be a less busy day gets all of us in trouble. It feels as if the whole city has come out especially on that day. And then of course, hours and hours of being stuck in traffic.

5. Climbing Shelves:

Nearly all the important items on your list are placed at the highest shelf in the store.
Sleeves up, breath in, it’s time to climb up the shelves and get your hands on that thing. But Trust me, it feels like climbing mountains and it’s very embarrassing especially when someone’s watching.

6. Dressing up:

Every time one needs to go to a superstore, one expects to bump into a long lost friend or a not-so-close relative. Dressing up nice then becomes mandatory. You certainly don’t want to have a careless image in front of anyone.

7. Extra Trips:
We know how much you forget buying one or two most important things every time you go to a store. This forgetting then makes us pay extra trips causing more of all the above said things! Just not an option.

But this shopping has now become Smart with the online grocery store mycart.pk, which offers a Cool Convenient and Trendy shopping experience. With mycart’s 10,000+ product range, free home delivery and best savings, all this torture has no existence.

mycart does not tire you or make you face the huge crowds. With mycart you can shop in the most relaxing mood while sitting at home in your pajamas and having no fear of traffic or crowds.

It is the most Cool, Convenient and trendy way to shop because it is the most smart way to shop!

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