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A cliché of depression: You are not weak!

By: Dua Khan

In today’s world, it is a common perception that depression affects those who aren’t considered to be strong enough, also known as people with depression are weak. What’s worse is when people with depression themselves blame their lack of strength for being the reason they are depressed. But the truth is that depressed people are strong, and not weak.

You Aren’t Weak: Disclaimer

People are in denial most of the time when they consider themselves weak, but that is no way to live with yourself to constantly degrade yourself for the failure. Indeed, failures are a big part of our life, but instead to looking at the half glass empty we should focus more on the glass half full. It may be difficult sometimes to cope up with such situation, but this is where the role of the society comes in, this is where your friends are suppose to jump in, this is where you need the support of your family. Always remember that you are not weak it is a thought that you need to get over to reach to the other side.

There is no pattern for it anyone can get depressed even if they have everything going for them. After all, depression doesn’t always have a reason to show up. Even if it does show up in your life due to some disturbing or stressful life event, it does not mean you are not strong enough. When we beat ourselves up for being blue, we’ve realized that self-stigma and stereotypes are typically to blame.

Focus on What Makes You Strong, Not Weak Because of Depression

Depression takes the power one’s capabilities and limits all their activities whether it is to think or to perform as task. For most people, it impacts the peace of mind, abilities, productivity, energy levels, and income, among many other things. Indeed, the blues have negatively affected the quality of life and sometimes, depression makes people feel weak. While healthy coping mechanisms have helped function better, there are times when people go out with their friends or may talk to each other just to share their feelings making them realize that they are not “so mentally weak”. Its a delusion for a time being which we need to identify and find a way to cope up with.

Defeat the Power of Stigma

Sadly, this knowledge alone cannot save you especially when people around you are busy perpetuating toxic stereotypes. Although we really of the society to get us out of depression, but sometimes they are the one that push you over the edge for all the stereotypical view over depression. It’s important to have a system in place when you feel too tired or inadequate to carry on, where you can yourself at the end of the tunnel trying hard to pick up yourself and get over the blues to stand you and take everyone out of this dilemma of  “you’re to weak” aspect of the depression and make focus on “what makes you strong.”

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