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Ace Ventura 3 hinted at by Production Company

Ace Ventura 3 may be in the works.  In 1994, Jim Carrey lunged onto the scene as the motor-mouth, animal-loving detective. Releasing two hit movies, they’re beloved among comedy fans even to this day. Today’s cinema-scape is defined largely by nostalgia – so it’s unsurprising …

While the original ‘scoop’ came from We Got This Covered, there appears to be some meat on the bones of the rumour: the film’s production company, Morgan Creek, tweeted.

However, don’t expect Carrey to make a return – he’s long over his Ace Ventura stage, it seems. Most people are delighted with the prospect of another movie – however, the caveat for fans is obvious. Without Carrey, they aren’t interested.

Ace Ventura came as Carrey was on the precipice of worldwide stardom. With that, The Mask and Dumb and Dumber, he soon became a comedy legend.

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