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Actress Noor broke into tears after 5th wedding allegations

Actress Noor recently made headlines when she announced to quit the world of showbiz, claiming to fully own and follow the teachings of Islam. Not only that but she changed her look and attire, showing her complete devotion towards Islam. However, the a actress was said to be making rounds across the media once again but this time over her marriage life which unfortunately haven’t been such a success in her life.

Coming across four failed marriages with a daughter from one, the actress broke into tears in her latest Instagram posts that she shared in three parts claiming that she has no plans of a fifth marriage and requested all with ready eyes to stop putting such false and character assassinating allegations.

She said that she was a mother of a daughter and was living with her mother of whom she has to take care equally. But with such ridiculous allegations, her life was only turning more or less worse as time passed by.

Here’s what she had to say:

Video 1:

Part 1/3 #NoorBukhari

A post shared by Noor Bukhari (@noorbukhariofficial) on

Video 2:

Part 2/3 #NoorBukhari

A post shared by Noor Bukhari (@noorbukhariofficial) on

Video 3:

Part 3/3 #NoorBukhari

A post shared by Noor Bukhari (@noorbukhariofficial) on

Be it Noor or any other celebrity, they have the right to their life and we all should respect them as hey are equally as human as we all are and wish for our lives to be kept low profile.

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