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Adnan Siddiqui's heartbreaking post for his late father will literally leave you in tears!
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Adnan Siddiqui’s heartbreaking post for his late father will literally leave you in tears!

Adnan Siddiqui – The veteran actor and the legend in himself does not need an introduction. He has spent years of his life portraying different on-screen characters, making us laugh and cry with him at the same time. However, there is always that sad part hidden in the trenches of our heart, which shows up whatever the age or designation of a person is and losing your father is one of those moments when you can’t control your emotions, irrespective of the place.

And this is what happened when Adnan’s father passed away, which was quoted through his Facebook post. Here it is:

Its been more then one year and Adnan Siddiqui still reminisces the time he spent with him and the teachings he bestowed in him. In his recent Instagram post, he writes:

This is a note not for you, but for me. This is a passage, not for anyone of you but for me; today I write to speak to myself. Merry I was going round with my daily chores & stumbled upon this passage written by #MajeedAmjad; it seemed as if it was torn from a page hidden deep in my heart belonging to the book I called ‘Papa’ Adnan, you can’t run away from your deepest sorrows. You can try but then another Majeed is going to write something & your whole world will come down. You have to speak up about Papa! You have to say what you feel in order to save yourself from sinking because no one can help. Papa, I saw you not as a father but as my beacon of life, since you have gone I have tried to stand again & again just to fall. How do I explain to you now what i missed saying when you were sitting right next to me? Those nights when you & I used to just sit, not talk, just sit & not say a word but look at each other & pass a smile. I realized that it was that smile that made me forget all I had been through! How do I explain that relation, no words were exchanged but I left a happy man. Who do I tell this to? Adnan, you have to tell Papa that you still see him around, don’t be ashamed, just tell him. Tell him how you lock yourself away in a room to have a made-up conversation with him, tell him that it is this moment when you feel the most sane throughout the day, don’t hide, tell him! Adnan, did you miss a chance of saying something to him that you regret? Say it to him now! Somehow, some way, he will listen. For he promised to guide you for the rest of your life, don’t hide, just tell him If anyone of you know what you have & what it means & still let go of a moment where you could make all the difference, then, look at me! Do not think they (parents) are forever, because nothing is. As hard as it is to face, it is a fact. It shall take a moment to make them happy but shall take a lifetime of regret if you didn’t tell them what they mean to you. Adnan misses Papa every night, every morning, every supper & speaks to himself about him; to all those who can speak to their Papa, speak now! #papa #missyou #adnansiddiqui

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This letter will definitely bring tears to your eyes, we often miss the chances to express our utmost gratitude and joy for our parents being just there for us all the time. But, what we can learn from this heart-touching letter is that no time is too late to show your love and respect for them, even when they are no longer in this world. It doesn’t matter if they are gone, take out some time, lock yourself in a room and cry your heart out with them, iterates Adnan.

Adnan Siddiqui is a wake up call for all those who have neglected their parents, thinking that there is time for it. But, there isn’t! This post is a reminder that it can be late to just hug them and let out all your pent up love!

So follow what Adnan preaches, because he may be a blingy celebrity for you, but he is a son… like us all!

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