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Ajoka Theatre to launch a YouTube channel amid lockdown

LAHORE: Ajoka Theatre will soon be launching its own YouTube channel to develop online contact with its audience and followers, stated a press release.

The decision was taken during an online meeting of Ajoka’s core group on the occasion of the World Theatre Day.

The Ajoka Theatre YouTube channel will post memorable snippets of the troupe’s work over the past 36 years, including entertaining songs, dramatic scenes and biting satires. Short versions of documentaries produced by Ajoka Productions and episodes from Ajoka’s popular TV serials will also be shown on it.


What’s more, Ajoka Institute has decided to conduct online classes to overcome the problems created by the lockdown and the spread of the novel coronavirus. The first online writing class was held on Sunday, April 5 and the team is planning to kick off online performing arts classes soon too.

“Ajoka is used to meeting challenges and overcoming hurdles. In the past, the dictatorial regimes and non-state extremists tried to prevent Ajoka from conveying the message of peace and progress through performing arts.”


“Now it is the unseen hideous enemy called corona and we are ready to meet this challenge head-on,” Nirvaan Nadeem, director of Ajoka Institute said. “We are sure our online and offline audience will continue supporting us.”

Not just YouTube but Ajoka Theatre productions will also be available on Facebook and Instagram. The first bit posted is a little-known but amazing kaafi by Bulleh Shah from Ajoka’s masterpiece play Bulha. The singers are Javed Bashir and Party and the composition is by Mian Sheharyar.

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