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Ali Sethi’s latest song talks about matters of the hea

Ali Sethi is back with what he does best, a soulful ghazal that will evoke nostalgia or make you long for a lost love. His new song Khabar-e-Tahayyur-e-Ishq [confounding story of love] isn’t just a mouthful, but a buoyant melody that will steal your heart with Siraj Aurangabadi’s beautiful poetry.

The song’s music is an original composition of Ali Sethi and Grammy Award-winning producer Noah Georgeson of Narcos fame. The melodious and soft number is a perfect mix of Georgeson’s mellow tunes and Sethi’s deep vocals. Complementing Sethi’s powerful vocals, we spotted guitar, violin, double bass and harp as key instruments in the video.

It is refreshing to hear such a melodious number against a simple studio backdrop with musicians playing their instruments without any elaborate setting, models or scenic views. This keeps the soul of the tune intact with much more emphasis on its lyrics.

Prior to its official release, the song was performed by Sethi and Georgeson at a small concert at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto last year.

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