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Annoying things “Pakistani Mom Do”

Ma, amma, ammi or whatever we may call our mums, turns out they’re all the same – and as annoying as they may be, we love them to death!

We would absolutely be lost without them, but here’s the thing – when you are a childto Pakistani parents, you are bound to have a clingy mom.

Here are some annoying situations that occur on a daily basis if you have a Pakistani mommy:

1. The look they give you when you do ‘naafarmani’, especially in public.

Remember how our parents tell us tales of how one look from their parents (aka our grandparents) could set them straight faster than you can say ‘I can explain’? Well, it still holds true today.

 2.This unacceptable lie!



3.Yes aunty. I’m fine aunty. School is going great!PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

4.She has the ultimate right to tear open every letter you may have ever received.


That “GOL ROTI” games!



OK, both your parents say this, but that just makes it twice as eye-roll-y. For the record, you understand your parents aren’t made of money, but a simple “no” to giving you some cash to go to the movies would have done.

7. When you accidentally break the glass!


8.Their attempts at learning and embracing new technology.

While most times it makes for a funny anecdote, there are times when they actually do step on something good.

9. They get addicted to games on their phone and play them all the time, even at 2am.

“MOM, no more Candy Crush invites please.”

10. Their reaction when you say you don’t want to eat daal tonight.

If ghar ki murghi is daal barabar, what is ghar ki daal equal to then?

11. They believe almost everything they see on the internet.

12. Their interrogation routine is better than any thaana in the world.

It is absolutely essential that your parents are privy to every single detail in your life and that includes all of your friends and their extended families.

13. When nothing else works, they resort to emotional blackmail.

Why? I mean, WHYY? No matter how big of a brat you are, your parents have a magic trick up their sleeve that they only pull on special occasions that always seems to get the job done. Good luck trying to find your way out of this one!

14.Their facial expression when you introduce them to new friends.

And then the countless questions that follow. “Kaun hai, Baap kia karta hai, Kahan rehta hai, apne ghar bulao uskay ghar nahi jaana“.

15.They want to know everything but get mad when you explain. 

Parents may do things that can be irritating, even frustrating, and sometimes borderline stalker-ish but they do it out of love and concern for their children’s security. You can’t blame them either, considering how things are, parents naturally want to keep updated with the well-being of their kids.


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