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Anoosh Masood appointed as Pakistan’s first ASP

Anoosh Masood is the first female to be appointed as ASP (Assistant superintendent of police) of KP. She is a doctor by profession and she did her MBBS after which she gave exams for CSS. She was then appointed in the Police service.

Dr. Anoosh has also won a gold medal in medicine. Before she joined the police, Anoosh was a medical student. At the start of her joining she was appointed in Lahore but was later transferred to Abbottabad.

Anoosh said: “It is good to be in mainstream policing; the job is quite challenging. Women are more dedicated. And being a ASP officer is more a kind of an administrative job, which is why I preferred it over medicine.”

Her husband is also in police as ASP and is currently under training in Abbottabad. She encourages more women to be in this field and she is looking forward to recruiting more women.

Ladies like Anoosh Maqsood and other female cops are the pride of not simply Pakistan but rather entire womanhood. Anoosh is seen securing the pride her uniform and her administration. Numerous other ladies are propelled by this female cop as to serve their nation in the most reformative way.

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