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#ApniToNikalParri with ‘JS Apni Cricket League’ – You don’t want to miss out!

Denoted as one of the fastest growing and most innovative banks in Pakistan, JS Bank has once again outdone itself with its latest and much hyped ‘JS Apni Cricket League’ mobile application. The first of kind digital gaming, competition and mobile wallet application of its kind by a bank in Pakistan, the app has changed the way we see digital growth in the country.

The app has made its way at the most epic time of the year with PSL 2018 catering to the high and never-ending fever of cricket lovers. Hitting the core of the digital eco-system developing in Pakistan, the ‘JS Apni Cricket League’ mobile app is set to bring all cricket lovers under one roof with exciting contests and challenges. Allowing you to build your own fantasy cricket team with players of your choice – Cool no?

Gaming  is not the only deal but you even get to win amazing…and I mean AMAZING prizes like; Audi A3, iPhone X, Nokia 8, Samsung 8 phones, LED TV’s, tickets to Turkey, the PSL final and much more. The best part is that you don’t have to wait long and can win all these exciting prizes daily, weekly and on the grand finale.

Not only can users make their first team free of cost and use in-hand transfers, they can also download and use boosters to revitalize their game without any worries, as all boosts can be purchased in-app via JCash digital transactions. Not only that, users can set up JCash mobile wallets through the app itself. The wallet acts as a fully functional bank account allowing users to conduct fund transfers, withdraw money from their accounts through a network of over 30,000 retailers, pay bills online, mobile top-ups and what not.

How Do I PLAY???

The application has been downloaded by nearly 100,000 users in less than a week, showing our love for the game and the may possibly be the fastest downloaded digital app in Pakistan. This is all because of its striking features and day to day increasing word of mouth.

All once has to do is visit the JS Apni Cricket League Facebook page, watch the TVC, download the video and the magic begins!!!

Already out and about with their enthusiastic activities nationwide, many prizes have been given out including smart phones and LEDs, whereas on-ground activities are still on the go. JS Bank is also arranging fun-filled concerts and stand-up comedy shows in universities nationwide with performances by people such as Junaid Akram. University students will get free of cost access to these events by just downloading the application from the playstore.

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