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Are you a sleep talker or not ?

Have you every experienced sleep talking ? or anyone told you about your habit of talking in sleep ? Well if yes than welcome to the club of  Somniloquy.

It’s kind of funny to talk while sleeping but at middle of the night it might sound crazy. While the nigh time chatter is totally harmless, but fun fact the person doesn’t usually remember what they speak. This process sometimes is based on different episodes some speaks many times during sleep and for some it’s only for 30 seconds.

The phrases are sometimes not clear words may be mumbled and hard to understand but it sure disturb others. People who sleep talk mostly are not aware about their behavior, so it is difficult for them to cope up.

There no such valid reason why or how this behavior is triggered but the most common causes are, stress, depression, sleep deprivation, day-time drowsiness and fever. On other hand sometimes it is also caused due to nightmares or due to psychiatric disorder or nocturnal seizures.

According to some research only 5% of adults talk regularly in sleep its kind of rare. To be honest it is not something to be worry about, it does not have any serious effects to your health. But if you want to treat this behavior sorry to say but no treatment exists, but changing your sleeping pattern and practicing proper sleep hygiene can help reduce the severity of sleep talking.





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