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Asim Jofa claims some people with power aim to ruin his efforts for a better Pakistan

Asim Jofa, a name that is recalled whenever you discuss the fashion industry of Pakistan. However, with a recent video received, it has come to our knowledge that Asim Jofa was not only involved in fashion and entertainment, but was rather in tact with CSR activities.

Green Pakistan, Clean Pakistan – An initiative taken about 3 years ago by Jofa for a greener Pakistan is now under some trouble by people and organizations not named but alarmed by the designer.

Here is the video:

Coming across the message, it is a shame to see how people feel so free to threaten and take over the efforts of others. Let’s have a look at the work Asim Jofa has done for the city, very silently though with changes praised by the people.

Before & After – Do Talwar (Clifton)

Work in Progress:

Currently, the team of Green Pakistan, Clean Pakistan is working its way through the famous fish monument and you shall see the changes soon.


Nonetheless, speaking up and coming out with the alarming situation at hand, Asim Jofa will surely be backed by his fans and followers that will support him not only in his troubled times but for the campaign he runs for a more beautiful and greener Pakistan.

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