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Ayesha Omar confirms ‘Bulbulay’ to have a new season

There have been numerous speculations lately regarding Ayesha Omar as she has been laying low with screen time. Numerous people have questioned whether the star has left showbiz. Fans got more curious after news regarding her departure from Battle of the Bands came out.

In a recent Q&A session with her fans on Instagram, Ayesha was asked if she has bid farewell to work on television upon which she responded:

“I haven’t stopped working [on TV], was taking a break. [I] just finished a couple of films. Now starting two drama projects and a new season of Bulbulay too!” she revealed.

Fans were most excited to hear about the last part of that statement. The massive comedy hit ‘Bulbulay’ has been an all-time family-favourite giving us some serious laugh gags.

The sitcom features Hina Dilpazeer as the legendary Momo, Mehmood Aslam, Nabeel and Ayesha Omar as Khoobsurat.

The release date of the season is yet to be announced, but we are hopeful that fan-favourite characters will be returning in the new season, especially Hina Dilpazeer’s Momo!

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