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Balu Mahi’s new song’s teaser is out and it is a cinematic masterpiece!

Just few days ago, Balu Mahi’s official poster was released and we still can’t stop drooling over handsome Osman Khalid Butt and mesmerizing Ainy Jaffri. Now, the teaser of a new song has been launched and it is definitely a delight for the viewers.

Balu Mahi's new song's teaser is out and it is a cinematic masterpiece!

“Rang De Chunar” is flawlessly articulated with heart-warming execution. From mughal-isque backdrop to appealing costumes and some really good cinematography; we can ensure that this song is will be a testament of how good this movie is going to be.

Here is a complete video, tell us about your views after watching this pitch-perfect fairy tales song;

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