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Beauty hacks for winter wedding
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Beauty hacks for winter wedding

In winters, the face has a tendency to look darker and duller due to dryness in the atmosphere. And we love to use bold and bright colours for the marriage ceremonies.

Getting your skin to look healthy and glowing on the big day is very important simply, taking care of it a week before the day is not enough. Your skin needs time to take in nourishment and treatments. Here are few tips on how to wear heavy make-up in winter;

If you have the event during the day, then keep the make-up minimal and opt for a more natural look. If you are going for a night time wedding, keep the make-up heavy and add more colours. If you have a morning wedding, choose pastel shades for the eye make-up.

Make time for yourself and indulge in different treatments at least six weeks prior to the ceremony, to give your skin time to work.

  • Try using foundation for smooth and even coverage than a matte finish.
  • Use a highlighter instead of shimmer or glitter.
  • Use a lip balm each time you feel your lips are dry. Do not lick or bite your lips.

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