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Best Burgers of K-town we bet you did not know before!

Is there any grub as deliciously medieval as a burger? It is, after all, a hunk of cooked meat, caught between two slabs of bread, and held together by a splatter of sauces and some greens. Made well, it has the potential to gratify the brain with a slow seduction of the taste buds. Prepared poorly though, and it feels like a blow to the guts from a morning star.
Just in simple worlds no one on this earth can live without loving burgers, and being a karachiite *a complete foody* one can’t resist saying NO to burgers. so I have got your back and will tell you guys about the most amaa-aa-zing burgers you must try if you still haven’t!


    It literally leaves everyone going OMG over the burgers. A beef burger with sauteed mushrooms and onions, barbecue sauce and cheese can make anyone go hungry for it so bad. It has a subtle but rich smokey flavour with lots of fully melted cheese and softly hugging the burger. For all the beef lovers its a must try!*_*

    Gouda Burger from Pantry is truly a class apart. Maybe you wont find it as huge, but the taste will completely satisfy you. The famous gouda, tomatoes, rocket and picked onion makes it a HIT!
    The California Burger is another fantastic choice.


It’s a must to try burger spot. A good patty, paired with pepperoni, onion rings, lettuce, jalapenos, fiery hot and Lab sauce. Every burger here has a unique taste and Huge size! Try it when you are toooo much hungray and it will surely satisfy your burger needs! For all the chicken lovers Doppler with double fried chicken with double cheese is specially for you.


If you are in the mood of having something that would completely melt in your mouth then your search is over! Try out their burgers, they will make sure to give you exact the same as shown in the menu. The picture says it all!


I know most of you were waiting for this name, it’s famous for its pizza burger that is quite unique with its rich flavor. This has to be hands down one of the best burgers to exist in Karachi from the mozzarella cheese to the pizza sauce not to forget about the pepperonis and veggies. It’s totally mouthwatering!!

Try these yummiest burgers and thank me later! <3

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