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Best series finale of your favourite shows

Lets be honest here, after spending time to binge watch a show and not getting to see the perfect ending really hurts.

And after watching 8 seasons of Game of thrones as a fan its quite disappointing, but thank god we have at least seen some of the most amazing endings in the history of series. And if you don’t remembered don’t you worry we have got you covered.

Here are some of the best series finale of your favorite shows:

Breaking Bad.

Walter White for five seasons he did some very bad things. Walter White was dying of cancer, but he was determined to go out on his own terms. That’s why, even though he lay dying on the floor after being hit by machine gun fire at the end of the drug drama, the corners of his mouth were turned up in a bit of a smirk. He was satisfied so do we. While some viewers may choose to believe he had a pulse when the police officer checked, but it was a perfect ending.

Parks and Recreation.

The two-part ending flashed into the future for each one of its core characters to provide them with the positive trajectory they all deserved after spending so many years in the thankless job of civil service. But most importantly, it followed Leslie Knope’s political rise, as she began simply by getting a swing fixed much quicker than she was able to get a park built, then becoming governor of Indiana and eventually, as implied by the Secret Service agents around her in the final scene and the hope in the audience’s heart, President of the United States of America.

Six Feet Under.

Finale episodes are really the tricky ones , which made Alan Ball that much more of a risk-taker and a visionary. Although the episode opens with birth, in the final minutes it flashes forwarded through quick milestone events in all of the main characters’ lives, ending on each of their deaths. The deaths weren’t really peaceful Keith was shot and both David and Rico had heart attacks, but they were each beautiful in their own ways, starting with Ruth passing surrounded by loved ones, and ending with Claire passing similarly, with photos of the whole Fisher clan. It felt like an ode to life and how reality is from birth to death.


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