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Close bond with fathers leads to less behavioural problems in children - Research
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Close paternal bond leads to less behavioural problems in children – Research

According to a new research, fathers who are more attached to their children and are confident about their ability as a parent have more chances of bringing up a child which has no behavioural problems and attitude issues.

The research out of Oxford University has stated that if a father is emotionally attached to his child, his children will suffer from less problems. The researchers wrote;

“The findings of this research study suggest that it is psychological and emotional aspects of paternal involvement in a child’s infancy that are most powerful in influencing later child behaviour and not the amount of time that fathers are engaged in childcare or domestic tasks in the household.

“How new fathers see themselves as parents, how they value their role as a parent and how they adjust to this new role, rather than the amount of direct involvement in childcare in this period, appears to be associated with positive behavioural outcomes in children.”

The research was implemented on the parents of 10,440 children under eight months. With the help of questionnaires it was found that the fathers who scored well had an emotional equilibrium with their children and their offspring were up to 28% less likely to suffer behavioural problems in their pre-teens than fathers who scored lower.

“Greater paternal involvement may also lead to or be a manifestation of a happy and cohesive family, and this may bring about better outcomes in children,” concluded the research.

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