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‘Bridal Couture’ an online page is fooling people and we got a proof right here

Social media is creating awareness for all of us. As we know digital is the next future similarly the news of scammers are also increasing. It gets really hard for all of us to trust people specially these online pages who promise to deliver and provide the stuff which is being shown on their page. They guarantee to provide the best quality of products which they are selling. But still we hear stories of how some of the pages are taking money from people and not delivering the material on time.

In these cases, the pages which are being run by genuine people face trust issues. Similarly recently we heard a story of an online page by the name ‘Bridal Couture’ taking orders and advance money from people and then disappear without delivering the material. Neha Mabroor becomes the recent victim of this page. She ordered a dress and according to her the page which is being run by ‘Saher Adnan’ asks for advance payment and as soon as she gets the payment; she is then no where to be found.

Here is what Neha Mabroor has to say:

Hi all, 
I want you all to share this as much as u can! This lady needs to be exposed! *her name is Saher adnan* She cheated us and had been doing it for years! She runs a page named Bridal couture!! She puts pictures and videos of beautiful dresses, takes order, asks for money and never ships the parcel! She has scammed me for 40,000 another friend of mine was scammed for 1,20,000 and there are so many who have been the victims of her fake business. 
I am also going to attach the screen shot of the conversation, she is such a big professional cheater!

I have also attached the screenshots of my conversation with her!

Please spread the word Guys

This is not the first time that this incident took place from this page. We heard many stories just like the one shared by Neha. It’s high time now that people realize that this page is nothing but a bunch of scammers looting your money!

The reason why the story is being shared and highlighted is to bring this to everyone’s knowledge that don’t trust these pages. First of all never order things from online Facebook pages; if you are then never ever trust those who take advance payment. Always pay your money when your receive your parcel at your doorstep.


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