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This cafe used Mahira Khan's controversy for marketing hype and I don't see any harm in it
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This cafe used Mahira Khan’s controversy for marketing hype and I don’t see any harm in it

It seems like the Mahira Khan controversay has just taken yet another blow on social media, but this time the hype has a completely new twist. This time around, Cafe Liquiteria took us back in time and sparked the memory with less controversy and more hype.

They had it all covered up for Mahira stating; “Cigarette? What Cigarette? She was just enjoying a monster shake!”

The image spread like fire all across social media, creating a topic to debate on for, whether celebrities in and across the borders or ordinary citizens, strong statements were put forth in and against the superstar.

Nonetheless, the cafe surely acted smart and made the most of the social trend for their monster shake, and honestly I didn’t see any harm in it. It isn’t the first time that brands have taken advantage of social trends, let’s look in the recent past and remember how Fifth Avenue took hold of the calibre disaster in the Panama Case.

However, this too caused a little fury on social media as some people did not agree with the marketing strategy and blamed the cafe for manipulating the situation and using a woman as a publicity symbol. Honestly, the advertisement was actually hilarious and had quite a creative pick on the entire situation.

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