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Call for ban on child marriages through ‘bridal uniform’: Bridal Couture Week

The much talked about Pantene Hum Bridal Couture Week 2017 made its way in Lahore with much hungama & craze, vibrant colours and a dose of bling that fired up the ramp with a whole lot of dips and slips, but inspiration!

But one walk caught our attention on day 3 that emphasized on the ban of child marriages, and not to say much but the brains behind this heart touching creation was none other than “Ali Xeeshan”. A child walked in a school uniform, adorned in bridal jewelry with a silent yet strong message on the ban on child marriages.

Ali Xeeshan portrayed the attire of the bitter truth and norm faced by our dear sisters and young girls of our society. He came about with the concept along with the collaboration of ‘UN Women Pakistan’, in the urge to put an end to it!

To follow Ali, and make a stand against this unduly norm of our society, you can sign the petition and raise your voice in the link given below:


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