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Campaign #MaiBhi steps into LSA’18

The latest edition of Lux Style Awards is inspired by the #MeToo campaign to express solidarity with women who have faced sexual harassment in some way or the other in their lives. Taking inspiration from the international movements launched at award functions, this year’s Lux Style Awards will be launching their own #MeToo movement under the name of #MaiBhi.

However, the main aim behind launching #MaiBhi means to empower the victims of sexual assault by saying ‘mai bhi aapke sath hoon’ or ‘I also stand by you’.

Frieha Altaf is joining this year’s awards only because of this movement and believes that this movement will allow Pakistani celebrities to voice their concern regarding the cause, thus allowing them “to bring the entire industry onboard for a human rights campaign.” Launched under the collaboration of Calpak Education Services, #MaiBhi movement will be immensely highlighted at the awards ceremony, scheduled to be held in Lahore this time. The campaign was initially started by Frieha Altaf, who herself opened up about her childhood suffering and intends to save the childhood of many innocent girls.

“Lux Style Awards 2018 will serve as the movement’s launchpad. I feel like not many local celebrities are speaking up and speaking out for causes and this is a way to bring the entire industry onboard for a human rights campaign,” Frieha expressed, further stating that this movement is a joint collaboration with Calpak Education Services.

Calpak Education Services has a mission that states, Education Fights Extremism. As a part of CALPAK’s efforts towards contributing to the overall education development of the Sindh Province in Pakistan, they are engaged in the Adopt-A-School Program of Pakistan’s ‘Department of Education & Literacy’.

Calpak event soon to be held in California will support women’s education. Four Pakistani designers will be showcasing their work, along with Ali Xeeshan and philanthropist Ahsan Khan as guest speaker. The #MaiBhi movement is supported by the entire industry through social media and more by sharing short videos of them saying ‘Mai Bhi’.

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