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Chris Hemsworth revealed why he turned down Star Trek 4

Actor Chris Hemsworth has revealed that he turned down Star Trek 4 over the scripting issues. It was reported in 2017 that the actor, who made a cameo as George Kirk in JJ Abrams’ 2009 sci-fi action film Star Trek, was in talks with Paramount Pictures to reprise his role in the fourth film. Chris Pine, who headlines the franchise, was also expected to return as Captain James T Kirk, the son of Hemsworth character.

Star Trek 4 was all set to bring back Chris Hemsworth as Kirk’s father, and then it fell apart. Hemsworth and Chris Pine, who plays Kirk in the rebooted film franchise, both walked away from the project, putting the future of Star Trek 4 in serious doubt. Salary negotiations were cited as the reasoning behind Hemsworth and Pine jumping ship. But now, Hemsworth has revealed another reason: he wasn’t happy with the script.

However, the future of the film is uncertain after the talks between Hemsworth and the studio fell through last year. In an interview with Variety, Hemsworth, 35, said the script did not excite him enough, adding there was not a strong enough motivation to warrant his character’s comeback.

“I didn’t feel like we landed on a reason to revisit that yet. I didn’t want to be underwhelmed by what I was going to bring to the table,” he said. Hemsworth next stars in “MIB: International”, which releases in India on June 14.

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