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Cillian Murphy talks in Favor of #MeToo movement After Working with Director Luc Besson!

The Peaky Blinders actor, Cillian Murphy has just spoken up in support for women who claimed of sexual misconduct as part of #MeToo movement.

Luc Besson, French director has been accused of sexual harassment and assault by many women, which he has always failed to accept.

Cillian Murphy has recently worked with Besson in the Thriller movie named Anna.

In the interview with Guardian, Murphy was asked to give his view on all the allegations against Luc Besson on which he said, he knew nothing about the accusations while he was working with the Director.

He said, “The first I heard of it was a year after we had finished.”

“You go into a project with all the best intentions and then that stuff comes out and you’re shocked and saddened, and you just have to let it play out and be fully supportive of women and anyone who is in that situation.”

He has talked in support of women’s rights many times before as well.

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