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Climate Change and Karachi: Who is responsible?

Heavy rains devastated Karachi a few days ago. It was frightening to see the photos and videos of the city which is one of the world’s most populous cities. It was like a nightmare for me because I saw it through the lens of climate change.

CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL! The whole world believes it and makes policies accordingly. However, our authorities made no arrangements even though they knew that we can face a crisis. Previous monsoons indicated that Karachi has a poor drainage system and can’t deal with heavy rains. However, the complicity of officials to ignore the fact resulted in heavy damage for people.

The drainage system of DHA collapsed which was built in 2007 by the money of residents. The disaster was huge, there is no doubt in it.

The authorities have been ignoring the climate warnings due to which we had to face this. Now that we have faced the consequences, political action has been initiated. However, it is no solution to this problem. Such initiatives have ever been problem solvers in our society. There is a need to educate people about climate change so that people start questioning the complicit authorities and suggest better solutions.

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