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Coldplay to celebrate release of new album

British rock band Coldplay are set to take to the stage in Jordan on Nov. 22 to celebrate the global release of their album, which will come out on the same day.

The Grammy-award winning band are expected to perform the entire 53-minute record in Amman.

The gig will be live-streamed on YouTube, however, no details have been released about the venue and when tickets will go on sale.

Their eighth album, “Everyday Life,” features a song title written in Arabic. The literal translation of “Bani Adam” is “children of Adam,” but the phrase in Arabic is used to refer to “human beings.”

Coldplay’s new album will be split into two sections: “Sunrise” and “Sunset.”

“Bani Adam” is part of the “Sunset” section along with other tracks including “Guns,” “Orphans” and “Cry Cry Cry.”

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