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Costa rica to become world’s first plastic and carbon free country

Country are now in the new race of going plastic and carbon free, but Costa Rica is in the top 5 to achieve its goal.

Since 2014 the country’s energy has been coming from 99% renewable sources, and it has been running on 100% renewable energy for over two months twice in the last two years. Then, since June 2017 they have been set on eradicating single-use plastic by 2021.

On the event of World Environment Day the country announced its new national plan to eradicate all single-use plastics by 2021. From that day on, plastic has to be replaced by alternatives that are 100% recyclable or biodegradable and not petroleum-based.

Costa Rica is the first  to do this, in the summer of 2018, the country announced its aims to become completely carbon-neutral by the year 2021, the first completely carbon-free country in the whole world.

In the statement given by the Costa Rican Electricity Institue ” Basing electricity generation on renewable resources allows the country to achieve one of the lowest ratios of greenhouse gas emissions to electrical consumption on the planet.”

Costa Rica has been generation its energy  from renewable sources such as its rivers, volcanoes, wind and solar power since the past 4 years which is quite a achievement for a country.

The President of Costa Rica has banned the use of fossil fuels. He said in a statement ” Decarbonization is the great task of our generation and Costa Rica must be one of the first countries in the world to accomplish it, if not the first.”

” When we reach 200 years of independent life we will take Costa Rica forward and celebrate, that we’ve removed gasoline and diesel from our transportation.”

Many countries can take lesson from this, as Costa Rica is small country but making big efforts in bringing environmental changes.


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