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Courteney Cox criticizes Sara Foster after she dresses up as Monica for Halloween

Courteney Cox gave a brutal review of Sara Foster’s Halloween costume after she and her kids dressed up as the cast of Friends.

As such, it makes sense Friends characters were a big inspiration for Halloween this year. With six main characters to choose from, as well as a whole host of supporting cast members, there was any number of outfits people could have donned to portray themselves as members of the show.

You could have gone for a classic 90s Rachel look, opted for Ross dressed as ‘doodie’, Joey with a turkey on his head or one of Chandler’s classic sweater vests, and I’m sure people would have got the reference. Really, you could have nailed the look with very little effort.

In spite of this fact, however, Foster appeared to have some trouble when it came to dressing up as Monica. At least, Cox certainly thought so, and if anyone’s allowed to give their opinions on how Monica should look, it’s the actress who brought her to life.


As Rachel, Phoebe and Monica all had different hair colours in Friends, it’s pretty easy to tell which character each family member is meant to be. One of Foster’s daughters is pictured with a blonde wig and a guitar, making it clear she’s dressed as Phoebe, while her other daughter’s brown wig suggests she is Rachel.

Therefore, Foster must be dressed as Monica, but Cox refused to believe that.

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