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Cryptocurrency website disappears with millions, leaving a hilarious message

The crypto-exchanging group was shocked throughout the end of the week to find that prodeum, another crypto token proposed to “monitor deliver on the Ethereum Blockchain,” vanished immediately and inexplicably after a superficial examination uncovered that it was possibly a scam. And all it left was a site that said “penis.”


Before it vanished throughout the end of the week, prodeum was amidst an underlying coin offering prodeum tokens in return for ethereum, a famous digital money. The address that financial specialists were requested to exchange their ETH seems to have been vacant until January 19, when ethereum began flowing in. As per the adjust history on Etherscan, the wallet’s holding were peaked at just over 2 ETH (generally $2,400, not the “millions” some are asserting) before around 75% of it was exchanged out toward the end of last week. It’s not clear the amount of that was the aftereffect of prodeum’s ICO. The wallet has since been depleted altogether, as of now demonstrating an adjust just worth $0.56 cents.

So it gives the idea that ambitious people, or group of people utilized the personalities of those effectively engaged with digital currency to trick financial specialists with a created blockchain. The prodeum group is recorded in the white paper as Peter Jandric, Darius Rugevicius, Vytautas Kašėta, and Rokas Vedluga. Jandric’s gathered LinkedIn profile is crippled. One redditor saw that Jandric was taking head shots for his photograph, and it strangely changed in the wake of being gotten out. It’s additionally certain that the general population who were as far as anyone knows highlighted as enthusiasts of prodeum were contracted on the site Fiverr to advance the absurd digital money.

But on close inspection, the founders turned out to have used fake names and images, and LinkedIn profiles have now been deleted. It’s not clear how much money they’ve vanished with, but LInkedIn profiles for the supposed founders seem to have used images from other people’s profiles.

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