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Dakota Johnson looks uncomfortable as director puts his hand to ‘cover’ her

Dakota Johnson,28 is a name we all know, daughter of Melanie Griffith is bold and beautiful. She recently got in an awkward situation when film director Luca Guadgnino,47 place his hand a little too close to Dakota for a photo. She was wearing white sleeveless lace dress. Just like Ariana Grande she was seen uncomfortable in the pictures.

In a photo that recently caused a buzz in the media industry, Dakota was even seen looking uncomfortable as Luca tried to be cheesy getting a little too close to her for the photo. The duo was promoting an upcoming movie ‘Suspiria’ in which we will be seeing the beautiful fifty shades of grey actress. The movie is a remake of 1970’s original horror movie.

First Grande and now Johnson, these uncomfortable moments are cringe-worthy and happening again and again despite the media taking pictures as an evidence in return the actresses have to stay ‘normal’ as the powerful men harass them one way or the other. If we keep on ignoring such acts then this will only grow and give more power to harassers.

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