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Danish Taimoor body shamed a contestant on his show and it was totally uncalled for!

Body shaming and criticism is a very common practice, but the ones doing it do not realize what effects it leaves on the person under question.

Recently during a segment in his gameshow Danish Taimoor sarcastically pulled out some comments on a young contestant calling her Aunty only because she was plus size.  Many women spoke against it and enunciated the fact that body shaming at no level is acceptable. Several other game shows have also insulted contestant on many occasions targeting their different weaknesses. I simply and honestly believes these shows are organized to spread happiness not break hearts by sleazy and offensive comments.

Body-shamers do not spare anyone- be it celebrities or normal people. What body-shamers do not understand is that this practice stems from a problem with their outlook and perspective, which could also be the reason for a mental disorder for themselves, not just for people who are being shamed. A body shamer may end up criticising his/her own appearance and have trouble accepting their own body for what it is. This may lead to a low self-esteem and self-confidence and they may have to pay the price for this by professional or personal failures. Similarly, when they body shame other people, the person being shamed might believe their remarks about their body which may affect them in ways where their confidence is shattered.

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