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Darkness has descended on twitter

The social media website just rolled out a new version of itself , more appealing and user friendly.

On Thursday, March 28, Twitter introduces new Dark Mode features that will transform Twitter user’s screens for easier viewing. Dark Mode that transforms the Twitter screen into a pure black that emits no light. Designed to relieve your eye strain by replacing the bright white background with a darkened one.

A new “dim” setting changes the theme to dark gray, and “lights out” turns the background to true black. Twitter is also rolling out a new way to view the platform in high contrast, aimed at users with low vision.“Giving people this option to decrease the light actually improves readability for people with photo-sensitivity,” says twitter director.

Bryan Haggerty, Twitter’s senior design manager, says Night Mode was a blockbuster from the start. But a lot has changed since 2016.

Well though no doubt the brightness has bleached out our brains and this new feature will sure bring some comfort.

Though the Lights Out theme is only available for iOS, a Twitter spokesperson tells that the company plans to bring it to Android in the future.

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