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Disney’s foxy Robin Hood is getting a reboot

Prepare to sing “Oo De Lally, Oo De Lally, jolly what a day!”

Disney has announced that their 1973 classic Robin Hood is getting a remake.

Filmmaker Carlos Lopez Estrada will helm the movie while writer Kari Granlund – who previously wrote the Lady and the Tramp remake – is working on the script.

The remake will be CGI, although we’re wondering if it’s photo-realistic CGI like the Lion King remake or a more sillier animation, which we’d rather prefer in this scenario as it would be odd to make this flick appear live-action.

After all, there are plenty of versions of Robin Hood in Hollywood and Disney’s version had the charm of anthropomorphic animals. Oh well, we shall find out soon enough!

While there is no release date, the remake is set to be a Disney Plus exclusive.

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