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DJ Bravo just released a song about coronavirus

West Indies cricket star DJ Bravo who has an alternate career as a singer just released his latest track called We not giving up.  As the name suggests, the song is about how we should not loose all hope in the wake of the current coronavirus pandemic.

“We Not Giving Up. On this outbreak due to pandemic, my heartful prayers to all of you out there! Let’s fight together. A positive song during this outbreak,” Bravo said in an Instagram post about his new song.

Watch full video here:

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Bravo is heard urging everyone to take all the necessary precautions including practicing social distancing, good hygiene and so forth.  The West Indian all-rounder isn’t the only sportsman helping people out in his own way during this time of crisis.


Earlier on British Olympic boxing medalist and two-time world champion Amir Khan has recently made a huge announcement that could help facilitate those fighting the coronavirus. Khan had announced that he is willing to offer his property in Bolton, UK to be used as a facility to treat COVID-19 patients.

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