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"Enchanted 2" soon to start its production
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“Enchanted 2” soon to start its production

It has almost been ten years since Disney’s Enchanted hit the theatres and we all have been waiting for it, since then. Featuring Amy Adams and Patrick Dampsey, the movie became a darling among the masses due to story setting, animation, and half-live action fairy tale.

We all had been impatiently waiting for the sequel to finally hit the theatres and now that the confirmation is near we cannot wait for it to finally happen.

Adam Shankman has been finally bagged as the director of the movie and the news has it that the entire casting and production is about to be sealed.

The title for the movie has been currently suggested to be “Disenchanted”. Amy Adams would be retuning as Giselle, again. The production is expected to begin in summer, 2017.

I, already, can’t wait for the movie to release.

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