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Eshal Fayyaz Traveller’s vault
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Eshal Fayyaz Traveller’s vault

FHM: Bag must haves?
EF: Eye mask, Ear plugs, extra earplugs, rain poncho (love walking in rains), non-wrinkling tops, & a stylish leather jacket while travelling in winters!

FHM: After years of travel, what still scares you on the road?
EF: Erratic drivers!

Eshal Fayyaz Traveller’s vault

FHM: What is your favourite place on Earth and why?
EF: Paris – for the true essence of being the city of love, fashion, architecture, and cafes;adding it’snight, rain, walk, and magical aura altogether!

Eshal Fayyaz Traveller’s vault

FHM: A place you visited that you want to revisit because of the food?
EF: Restaurant le Maurice, Paris has both great food & excellent ambiance.


FHM: Last place you visited?
EF: Home away from home, London!

Eshal Fayyaz Traveller’s vault

FHM: What are the first few things you always do when arriving at a new place?
EF: Check out the best cultural & architectural offerings of the city.

FHM: What is the most valuable or profound lesson you’ve learned on any trip?
EF: Good people can be found regardless of class, creed or religion.

Eshal Fayyaz Traveller’s vault

FHM: What advice do you have for people who want to travel but feel financially stuck?
EF: Every journey begins with a single step, while do remember it’s the experience that counts and not the assets you build along.

FHM: Tell us about one person you met during any of your journies.
EF: A 72 year old Korean woman who went for paragliding along & asked for another round after she had just landed!

Living truly by the Carpe Diem spirit.

FHM: On a lighter note, do you prefer a window or aisle seat?
EF: Definitely, window!

Eshal Fayyaz Traveller’s vault

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