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Fahad Mustafa’s new fragrance choice is a definite follow for all!

As eid is just around the corner, I am sure you all must be wondering which new fragrance to choose this season. And we don’t want you to wait more and let you know that our very own J. fragrances have come up with a perfume that has all the right reasons to buy it.

Not only this but J. has come up with an oh so wow TVC where Fahad Mustafa is seen being copied for whatever he does, wherever he goes and honestly the real-life states the same.

What’s more is that the people are always attracted and judgmental about the fragrance you use and once you own that perfect scent, it gives an instant confidence boost with one simple spritz. Finding your signature perfume can prove somewhat challenging with the abundance of musky, bold or even woodsy notes to choose from. But this time around Fahad Mustafa is a definite follow with his J. fragrance choice, Vocal.

So don’t wait and get ready to hit your nearest J. stores before its too late.

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