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Fatima Bhutto’s new book “The Runaways” is set to be released this year in October

The Runaways follow her best-selling debut book Songs of Blood and Sword and The Shadow of the Crescent Moon.

In a tweet by the author, Fatima Bhutto said she was very excited by her brand new book. “I am very happy that The Runaways, my new novel, will be published first in Pakistan, India and the region by Penguin India this October.”


The Runaways manages inquiries concerning present day Muslim character in a world burning with viciousness. Penguin Random House India will launch the book and named it as a ‘touchy new work of fiction’.

The story takes after three distinct individuals from Karachi to London and from Portsmouth to the abandon of Mosul. Anita Rose, lives with her mom and sibling in one of the ghettos in Karachi’s. Resolved to get away from her smothering conditions, she battles to teach herself, writing down English words, which she has gained from staring at the TV or educated by her elderly neighbor, in her most prized ownership: a shiny red note pad.

On the opposite side of Karachi lives Monty, whose father claims a large portion of the city. Needing something beyond quick autos and simple young ladies, When Layla an insubordinate young lady joins his school, he knows his life will never be the same again.

Also, in Portsmouth, Sunny who can’t fit in anyplace meets the appealling, suntanned cousin Oz, whose grin influences Sunny to understand his actual reason, the official statement states.

The book will hit the racks in October 2018.

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