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These foods are banned across the world
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These foods are banned across the world

Different places around the world have put a ban on different foods, and some of the reasons behind them are actually thought provoking.

From lip-smacking tomato ketchup in France to our favourite Kinder in the US, here few foods that are banned in some countries.

Tomato Ketchup in France
These foods are banned across the worldOur perfect companion to fries and pakoras; ketchup, is banned from primary schools in France. They believe it poses a cultural threat to traditional French cooking among children as it “masks the flavor of whatever they are eating.”

Chewing gum in Singapore
These foods are banned across the worldThe Singapore Statute Chapter 57 in the year 1992 restricted the use, distribution and trade of all kinds of chewing gums. But in the year 2004, due to international pressure the country allowed therapeutic dental chewing gums.

Kinder eggs in U.S
These foods are banned across the worldDating back to 1938, the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of US banned all candies embedded with non-nutritive objects. Hence, the ban was imposed on these little treats.

Raw almonds in California
These foods are banned across the worldIn California, it is illegal to sell raw almonds as it has been proven that they are one of the reasons behind salmonella outbreaks.

Unpasteurised milk and dairy products are banned in USA and Canada
These foods are banned across the worldUnpasteurised or Raw Milk is banned in 22 US states and Canada as it holds the threat of causing salmonella, litirosis and other diseases caused by germs.

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