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Fresh out of FHM’s patisserie: Priyanka Chopra wants to eat the cake and have it too – but we want her to eat humble pie instead.

By: Anya Hassan

It is obvious that we aren’t referring to her seven-tier wedding cake. This one isn’t a beautiful melange of fondant and butter cream but rather, a very messy mishmash of the former Miss World’sunderstanding of war, peace and patriotism.

We have already given an account on what happened when Ayesha Malik, a gutsy audience member in an event that took place on Saturday, in Los Angeles, finally addressed Chopra’s hypocrisy. Honestly, seeing Chopra’s not-so-ambassadorial response, we are not complaining at all.

We weren’t bestowed with the honour of being UN Goodwill Ambassadorslike Chopra, and that is our fortune in this case at least, because unlike her, we can actually talk about patriotism all we want, without having to worry that anyone is going to bat an eyelid, especially with our Independence Day commemoration just around the corner. Notwithstanding this predicament goes beyond Chopra and Malik’s petty bickering and it is a very serious matter at hand, we are only addressing the bickering at the moment, in contextwith Chopra’s response.

We believe in love and respect and therefore no personal attacks will be yielded and no judgements are going to be passed. In retrospect, however,  Chopra has had her fair share of shortcomings and never had her loyal fans in Pakistan paid any heed to them.

Her ‘neighbouring’ fans were all hers when fellow actress Kareena Kapoor Khan accused her of feigning a foreignaccent – her accent is far from patriotic. Her marriage to a U.S citizen was celebrated by all her fans – she lives in the U.S, for the most part now  that doesn’t sound very patriotic either. Oh, she quit a movie called Bharat, leaving Salman Khan pretty upset. We all know what happened there.

To each her own; we want to shed light on the fact that she has embraced her‘true patriotic self, encouraging the idea of a nuclear war; in other and more explicit words, a mass genocide, and for that she should be profusely honouredin her homeland, India, if that is what the country wants. However, in theother extreme end of the world, herposition in the UN should be revoked,immediately, unless she comes up with a rational explanation that doesn’t include ‘having a middle ground’. Again, one can’t eat the cake and have it too. We are all ears for a reasonable explanation, or an apology. Whatever comes with more ease.

United Nations (UN) identifies itself as an organisation that came into being after the Second World War. It’smission statement is: maintenance of international peace and security. How is a UN Ambassador supporting a mass genocide in the name of patriotism?

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