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Game of Thrones episode four leaks online, again

A few hours ago, footage from tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones has leaked online, originating with one minute of footage circulating on Twitter showing an especially crucial scene.  Episode 4 of season 8 will be the third out of four total episodes that have seen leaks the day off since the season began. First, it was a cable airing that accidentally went live early; two weeks ago it was Amazon Prime that put the episode live in Germany a few hours early. Mercifully, somehow, last week’s The Long Night super-battle episode did not leak early on any platform, but now we’re back to another instance, despite HBO going to painstaking lengths to avoid leaks like not giving any press at all screeners (which is how episodes always used to leak previously).

According to The Wrap, clips from the new episode, which airs Sunday at 9 p.m. Eastern Time in the US, leaked in Thailand a few hours ago, claimed a Reddit user posted.

The user also shared an image claiming it to be from the latest chapter. Several clips videos also found their way to Twitter and YouTube, some of which were quickly removed. A roughly 30-second video appeared on social media which appears to show the death of a relatively important character, Variety reported. Reports also suggest more leaks, teasing a second death, that of a major character.

The problem with the current leak is that even if trolls are not jamming specific plot points down your throat, I have seen a number of sites running with what I would call “vague” spoilers, which to me, this late in the game, is its own kind of spoiler, and because of these headlines, I already know more than I want to about tonight’s episode. What I mean is that even if you, for instance, say “Game of Thrones leaks and it’s boring,” that tells you something about what does or doesn’t happen during it.

The same goes for “Game of Thrones leaks and it’s a total bloodbath” even if you’re not being given specific names or situations. That’s the kind of thing a lot of sites are doing now with descriptions of what happens tonight. Last week, leaked stills gave an insight into how episode three, which revolved around the Battle of Winterfell, would unfold. Representatives for HBO did not immediately respond to the request for comment. There are officially three more episodes to go for the series finale.

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