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Gender Bias – Social Issue

By: Waleed Farooq

We are seeing this since decades that a girl child is being considered inferior in our society. If a birth is given to a girl child she was kept away from the means of society and her family. If even a girl was allowed to live there was enough discrimination among the kids in the family. The boys were treated superior, given all the attention and privileges of education. On the other hand the girls were deprived and not even their basic necessities were fulfilled like standard of living, nutrition food and education. For the son even if the boy has done the wrong thing he won’t be said anything or punish but if a girl does it she has to face major consequences. It is always like a son is a rightful heir.

It still looks weird that this thing is still being followed in our country. Almost everyday we get across some news that a father or a husband is denying basic treatments and meals to to their daughter or wives and making the death look like a natural death. On the top of it if these man are very aggressive they end up killing their daughters or wives by their own hands.

There are still various illegal and unlawful maternity clinics in rural areas where the doctors are facilitating the parents to determine the sex of child. If it is the female one and parents wants to abort it so Doctors are helping them in this cause. Everyone is clearly aware that this is a big crime and wrong but with heavy heart I would say this is being practiced in Urban areas too. Girls are still thought to be a burden on their parents and society, they are still unwanted in today’s society. The mentality of them is still that only a son can carry their family name and can make them proud.

It is very important to spread awareness of it and educate the people properly regarding this issue specially in the rural areas. People needs to be told that a girl is equally important as boy. Girls also have their rights which needs to be fulfilled. Hence this looks very difficult to stop this practice but a start needs to be made from somewhere to bring in the impact. Keeping in mind that nothing is impossible.

Tons of work needs to be done to make the society know the true value of a female child. Decreasing the number of girls is creating an imbalance in the nature. Humans who are committing crimes and killing the females needs to be strictly punished, there should be zero amount of tolerance against this act. If this is implemented this will hence be a big change for the humanity and for our country as well.

This country strives to grow but there is still so much of biasness against the females. If in future Pakistan needs to become a role model it needs to start respecting the value of women.

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