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Get ready ‘The Haunting Of Hill Houseʼ Season 2 is going to be much scarier!

Netflix original series The Haunting Of Hill House shocked everyone with season one. Series that follows the story of a family affected by a supernatural event was a huge hit for the streaming service and audience asked for a season two.

The story that will be set in the second round of scares and horror is surrounded in mystery with the showrunner only giving tiny hints here and there.
The first season was absolutely amazing with its scary enough storytelling, legit jump scares, and scenes of ghosts hiding in the background. This is a kind of show which people would love to watch again and again.

The show which is based on the 1959 novel by Shirley Jackson has been adapted by Flanagan and has an score of 92% on Rotten tomatoes.
The season is coming back for a second time, and it is predicted it is going to be more scary than before.

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