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Governnmet issues warning to 58 shopping malls over ‘hidden trial room cameras’

As the number of incidents grow high and large of cameras and even people peeping through hidden doors and cameras in changing and trial rooms of big and small clothing stores, the government has finally taken strict action by issuing a warning notice to 58 malls across the nation over the acclaimed matter.

Recently, a woman found a hidden smartphone in one of the boxes placed in a popular brand’s trial room by an employee. The company soon issued their stance over terminating the culprit on immediate basis from employment and that all other rooms were checked so as to confirm no hidden object for observance.

But what caught the eye of all media channels and forums was the incident when a woman was i a trial room of a leading clothing brand store and noted some shuffling behind her through the mirror. Upon investigating, an employee had been hiding inside a cupboard!

While taking notice of the Faisalabad issue, the Government of Punjab assembled a 6-members team to inspect trial rooms in malls. The team inspected 58 shops and drafted a report, as result, it was found that all 58 shops had CCTV camera placed near women’s try room deliberately!

Nonetheless, the outlets have been instructed to improve the structure of the women’s room and to take precautionary measures so that such incidents can be prevented in the near future. All shop owners have been warned against strict actions and consequences.

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