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Celebrate Halloween with the best Horror movies!
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Celebrate Halloween with the best Horror movies!

Halloween season has finally commenced with all its galore. With new ideas and new methods to celebrate and terrify, everyone is just having fun. While, dressing up and partying may be the one way to make Halloween special the other way to make the most out of this time of the year is to get comfy in your bed with a bowl of popcorn and a movie to pair with.

So if you are at home tired and bored, here are the best horror movies of all time collected from; Bollywood, Hollywood and Lollywood; you need to watch to make your Halloween an enjoyable and a scary event!


Talking about horror movies and not discussing conjuring, would be a complete pity. The movie revolves around the story of Warren family and the eccentric case they take in which a family is being haunted by a ghost. It will definitely take you to the scariest ride ever.

THE RING (2002):

The Ring is a one-of-its kind movie. The plot revolves around the teenagers who watched a movie of a certain girl, after which they receive a call that they have got only 7 days to live. The battle of survival and the mystery of the thrill definitely grips the audience. The movie, sure, will make you scream at times.


The bone-chilling movie revolves around the story of a family which tries to revive their comatose son back from the control of evil forces.

CHUCKY (1998):

This movie has a complete series, but the idea and the execution this part had could be copied by no other spin-off. This scariest movie of all time definitely left the kids frightened of their dolls.


The Pakistani horror movies span around the tale of young friends who take a journey together and are met with twisted family of Cannibals. The tale of survival would definitely give you goosebumps.

SIYAAH (2013):

A story of husband and wife who lost their only child and adopt an erratic orphan to overcome their sorrow and longing. They move into a new house along with a child and their unfold mysteries that will leave you terrified. It can easily be concluded as one of the maestros in Pakistani horror movies.

AKSBANDH (2016):

Although the movie didn’t receive much recognition, but it is one of the cinematic masterpieces. Aksbandh claimed to be Pakistan’s first found footage movie which revolves around friends who visit Larkana to make a documentary but are possessed by evil spirit. You need to watch this now, people!


Produced by Ram Gopal Verma, the movie for the first time introduced the concept of a kid who befriends an imaginary entity. The story that unfolds will definitely leave you puzzled.

1920 (2008):

Although the movie has also come up with the second part, the first edition could not be replaced by any. The plot revolves around a couple who unwittingly shifts to a house and are hunted by ghosts. The plot shift is absolutely terrifying.

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