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HBL’s latest web teaser has left Mansha, Ahmed and us all curious!

HBL’s recent webisode featuring Mansha Pasha and Ahmed Ali Butt show how the two celebs are busy in their daily routine when the doorbell rings unexpectedly and catches their attention. We then see Mansha answering the door, she receives a package and with a surprised look she along with Ahmed opens the package. The package holds a dazzling HBL Platinum Credit Card and is followed by an SMS from HBL welcoming the two on HBL’s most rewarding journey.

HBL has come out once again with a teaser, which is meant to keep us engaged until we get to see what the most rewarding journey would be. Through its seasonal and noteworthy campaigns, the brand has aroused curiosity amongst viewers with its HBL Platinum Credit Card campaign that is surely making waves since its release across the digital platform nationwide.

The HBL Platinum Credit Card, known for providing The Most Rewarding Experience, provides luxury and rewards that complements the customer’s lifestyle. But the abrupt ending to this video has left everyone questioning, heightening our level of curiosity as it ended with, “to be continued…” So, stay tuned as the most rewarding journey unveils.

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