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Here are things to do while in quarantine for upcoming days

Clean and get organized
This reporter will not indulge in the misnomer that “cleaning can be fun,” however it is something that’s necessary to do. Do ALL of your laundry, purge your home clean, and tidy up like there’s no tomorrow.

Quarantine or not there’s still plenty of ways to stay in good health. It might not be the same as your routine workout but there’s plenty of options and workouts that are being streamed to do from home.

Fun things to do

Video chat like you’re in middle school again
Many of us remember the days of group video chats on weekday evenings back from our younger days. Who’s to say you can’t have a night like you’re back in the seventh grade procrastinating your homework with your buddies? There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun to get through a challenging time.

Start a podcast
All you’ll need is a phone and free online editing software. Start a quarantine confessional, go on a rant about the things that peeve you the most, or talk about the good in the world or how much we all miss sports! Keeping your mind sharp is important now.

Do karaoke
Fortunately, nobody will be watching which should add a layer of encouragement for many. There’s tons of free websites where you can not only belt out some high notes, but also have your friends join. Sing off the hard times.

Let your creative side show and take an opportunity to make some fresh and new executive decisions for your living space. Move things around, play with your decor, give things a springy new feeling!

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