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Here's why people dating since high school have the strongest bond
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Here’s why people dating since high school have the strongest bond

Being in a relationship is the best thing that ever happened to anyone. But marrying the one you love is beyond amazing. There are certain couples who find their true love in high school; they fall in love, understand each other, grow old together. There are very few of them who then marry each other. Those couples have the strongest bond.

Here’s why their bond is the strongest:

1. You started dating during your most awkward phases. 

You fell in love in the time of braces and heavy clownish makeup. If you were attracted to each other even then, you are set for life.

2. You have gotten to see how far each of you has come. 

You have seen each other graduate high school, head off to college, have no sense of direction for a couple years, kind of figure things out, graduate college, and step into adulthood.

3. You understand each other so well that words are not even necessary. 

You have known each other for a long time and know the things you have each experienced from childhood till adulthood. So when one of you is having a hard time, you don’t even have to explain why. The other person just gets it.

4. You have an endless amount of shared memories.

So when you get to talk about some of the greatest joys you experienced as a ‘kid,’ they understand, because they were right there with you.

5. And the wonderful memories you have built together only get you more excited for what is to come.

Looking at your prom photos and remembering on how you used to anxiously await meeting up at your lockers just shows that there’s a lifetime of even more special moments ahead.

6. You understand that people change in relationships.

You started dating as teenagers; you are obviously totally different people now than you were then. Being high school sweethearts has taught you that you have to be adaptable in relationships, because people’s personalities and wants and needs changes throughout life.

7. You have probably already made it through the hard parts of fighting to stay together.

At some point all couples have to sit down and figure out what they want, where they want this to go, how committed they are ready to get, etc. You already had to do all that when you went to college and when you entered the real world. So although there is always going to be plenty to work through and talk through, you have already covered a lot of it.

8. Your families are basically already family to each other.

There is no more polite exchanges of pleasantries. Your families have known each other for so long that they actually greet each other like old friends.

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